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Reality Macedonia Archives

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NLA Mujahedeens Commited The Vejce Slaughter

Source: A1 TV

Translated by Natenane

For details, check the White Book of NLA Terrorism and Virtual Macedonia
A1 TV reported that the only person who survived the massacre near Vejce village claims that “mujahedeens conducted the slaughter and were under Daut Haradinai command,” in his testimony for “Vecher” daily. On 28 April this year, the terrorists set up an ambush to an Army patrol in the remote part of Tetovo region, killing eight members of special unit called “Wolves.”

According to the eyewitness, there were dozens of assailants, many of them mujahedeens, with long beards and knives, who conducted the massacre to its gruesome end. [The terrorists killed only one person by shooting, and cut to pieces or burned alive the rest.]

Mujahedeen group was under command of Daut Haradinaj from Goldane, Yugoslavia. He was the chief of general staff of Kosovo Protection Corps, and is included in the black list of Albanian terrorists who threaten the peace on the Balkans and the US national security, published by the American President George W. Bush. Daut Haradinaj is also brother of KLA commander Ramush Haradinaj, [an alledged war criminal, responsible for mass murder of at least 40 Serbs] who currently heads a political party in Kosovo. [Identifying Daut Haradinaj is quite easy, even from a distance, because he lacks the left arm. He lost it in a mine accident.]

The witness says that the ambush was set on a good location, terrorists were deployed in form of a horseshoe around a bend, and jeeps of Macedonian security forces were shelled with grenades and bullets from all sides. Few of them who managed to get out of the vehicles were wiped out right away. Three bullets hit the sole survivor, but he managed to jump in the abyss making use of couple of seconds - the time that mujahedeens needed to come down to bodies of Macedonians defenders. Several hundred meters away he met an Albanian man with small child. The wounded soldier asked the Albanian to take him to the first police checkpoint. Albanian suggested hiding him in the hay and pulling him to Tetovo, but he didn’t return, so the survivor had to continue on his own with heavy injuries. Fortunately, he came across police patrol.

On the other hand, according to spokesperson of Hague Tribune, Florence Artman, The International Court of War Crimes in Hague is gathering information about crimes from both confronted sides. Artman added that full report on human rights violation during several months’ war in Macedonia will be published at the end of this year, pointing out that number of the suspects will be considerable. Regarding the statement of Tribune Chief prosecutor Karla Del Ponte that the Court had evidence about connection between Albanian terrorists in Macedonia [and mujahedeens], the spokesperson of Court in Hague pointed out that in her statement there are no mujahedeens mentioned, but only people connected with terrorist network Al Qaeda.

In a related development “Utrinski Vesnik” daily says that criminal charges will be brought against 11 people, former and present senior officials in Interior Ministry and the sector in Tetovo, who are suspected of being involved in Vejce massacre. The criminal charges will be submitted to Skopje Court today [the original text was published on October 17, 2001] or tomorrow.

Citing the lawyer of families of brutally slaughtered defenders at Vejce, “Utrinski Vesnik” daily adds that four other names will be added to the list. Most of the suspects lost their managerial positions right after 28 April. Couple of citizens offered help and notions about Vejce massacre and they allegedly submitted material evidence proving that members of the police in Skopje and Tetovo got 200,000 DM each as a reward for committing the treason.

Out of record, there is much evidence that terrorists were radioed the information that the patrol set off and the route it was moving. According to police sources, couple of days after the massacre, terrorists set another ambush near that place. The police thwarted the assassins' plan, and dispersed the terrorist group. A police radio-station “Motorola” was found on the spot, which points out the fact that terrorists were in contact with somebody from the police in the city all the time.

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